What is the Grey Experiment?

Our journey through the Grey Area is something that many find to be time wasted. Time we could have spent having that special thing in life already or in our dream job living the wonderful life we desire. Truth is, that grey area is what makes the end result so sweet and worth it!

Each day is about gaining ground toward the next hurdle until you make it to the top. It’s about not letting the insane, devilish obstacles defeat you. Instead, use them as fuel to make you stronger, faster, smarter, and in the end, propel you to the ultimate goal you have made for yourself. The question is can you do it? Can you really apply of those lessons to your life and make yourself better for the next day, and the next after that? This is the grey area. This is the everyday battle we experience and therefore experiment with to see what will work and what will crap on us and say; “Better luck next time!”

Join us as our family journeys the grey time between the so vague but simplistic black and white of the world around us. We will share our experience and experiment with new ways to cope with the daunting life most of us deal with everyday.

If you’re ready for real talk, a little real life human and some ugly truths, follow along and lets get gritty! See you along the way, we can’t we to share it all and bring you along for the ride!

Peace & Love to ya’ll as we take it all on in the blood, sweat & tears!

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