Success Comes From Time Spent in the Grey Area

During a job review, my supervisor told me that my job wasn’t black and white. My job was to understand the grey area and perform the tasks in between all that was originally thrown at me. When do you ever have a project put on your shoulders saying “here is the what, how, and why, just do it?” The only time I hear this, is when I muddle through those answers in my own life, on my own goals and aspirations and make the DO IT legit when I put my plan in action.

As we roll into the second week of a new year, we are still hanging onto all those hopes and aspirations for our new outlook on life. Whether that be a weight loss journey, financial successes, or maybe a new relationship status in the making. There was a goal in mind but how much have you done to implement the necessary steps to make that goal reality in the next 12 months? Did you over indulge and gain back the 2 pounds you lost? Did you spend $5 on coffee you probably didn’t need? Point is, failure is part of the process.

When the pressure is on, sometimes it overwhelms us and we end up failing simply because we are defiant by nature. When someone, even the voice inside you head say we can’t, 9 times out of 10, we say yes to whatever evil thing we are trying to barricade from our future self. For me, reaching goals starts with putting a giant idea on a platform and saying, “This is what I want!” My giant idea needs so much money, so much time and so much energy, it’s completely unreasonable and so it’s unreachable and I gave up within a short time. And so, I return to the person who only thought about my goals instead of implementing a plan to achieve them.

Surly, you have found yourself in this spot at some point in your life too. Spinning your wheels, so to speak, trying to reach that next building block to your succession plan in this game called life. Everyone tells you how easy it is to write down the ultimate goal, no one likes to talk about the little baby steps it takes every day to get there. This is the GREY AREA of life, all! The black maybe the beginning, the white maybe the end but GREY is a shade that is often ignored by your perfection seeking experts of the world. It is undefined and unsuccessful. There are too many failed attempts, lost ground, fired up rants, fuming bombs and tail chasers in this phase for it to the hit the highlights of anyone’s success story.

That’s why I’m here, that’s why you’re listening and that’s why we will succeed together in gaining ground on our lives. Its time we talk about how crappy we feel when the plan doesn’t come together. Its time to discuss how hot under the collar you are when someone pokes at the success you aren’t having. Why would anyone want to talk about this stuff? Because, its real. Each failure is a level in the game and you must pass that level to reach the next. No one said you have to beat the game, but you do need to keep living and breathing to win.

Don’t give up, I’m here to push you through it. For today, break it down. What’s your baby step toward the dream? Build yourself a pyramid with the ultimate, wildly unattainable goal at the top. Now, line by line to the bottom, break down where to start today. End with where you are right now, at the bottom of the pyramid. That’s the step you take toward your way of success. When you draw it out, it’s real. When you take a step and it doesn’t work, that’s just one more failure you needed to get through on your way to the top of that pyramid. No one starts at the top and work their way down. Be okay with starting at the bottom but make your first step easy to achieve and give yourself some damn confidence! You still need to allow a fighting chance to win at something!

But for today, just for now. Let it be okay to think small and be the sludge that polished its way to gold. Be gritty. Be real with yourself. Be inspired by your passion for dreaming of a better you.

Peace out, friends.

#letsgetgritty @thegreyexperiment

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