What if I’m Already Living My Best Life?

Get up, get ready, get to work, get home, get to bed…and do it over again. I’m sorry, aren’t you sick of it? I mean, I know I am! I literally talk myself into thinking that I have to live this boring life because I’m “meant” to be in this place right now and maybe God is trying to tell me something in my ‘off-season’ of life. I try to convince myself, almost daily, that the work I’m doing is what I’m supposed to do at this stage in my life. That maybe it will make me happier if I just achieve this other little thing or I loose some weight along the way or if I make more money because I worked so hard.

Ya’ll, we need quit making excuses for lack of enthusiasm or motivation!

I listen to motivational speakers and read the inspirational quotes on a daily basis. Try to apply them to everyday life. Yep, tomorrow is it. Tomorrow I’ll change the world. Tomorrow the flying object will hit me in the head and a light bulb will turn on and I’ll make that break through I’ve waiting to get to. I also talk to myself too much and probably need to be committed to the crazy house but in the these trying times, the definition of crazy is a bit loose and becoming a norm.

On a serious note, what if that flying object never hits me and this is it? The place where you find yourself today and tomorrow and the next day after…that’s it. This is as good as it gets and whatever happens in the grey area beyond that is just our cosmic selves roaming about wasting time until our next life begins. My God, that is depressing!

Don’t you think that relying on someone else to make things happen for you is a little shallow? I mean, really! You’re just going to sit at your desk or in your car going about your assigned duties. Duties from a company that will replace you in a matter of a few days if you quit or even die tomorrow. Sit and wait for something to happen? You aren’t using your life skills or knowledge or spark for living for a damn thing except applying them to a unfulfilling job. Or maybe you are applying them but what good is it doing to gain ground in your life?

Don’t just sit there and wait for the money to start rolling in for the business you have dreamed up. Don’t wait for the pounds to start falling off while you sit on the couch eating a bag of cookies. Don’t wait for the perfect person to walk into your life and make your their spouse. Come on, get real! When did anything good in your life happen without some work and sacrifice?

We’ve all gotten soft in the this world we live in today. Our grey area is becoming our normal every day life that we accept will forever be what we are and what we’ve become. Why are you accepting that it’s okay to just be average? Why not be extraordinary at something or for someone? Get up and actually participate in your life. Be present in your daily decisions and make them count toward something that matters to you!

Look, I don’t have all the answers and I never will. That’s the beauty in living as humans, we can constantly learn new things and apply them. The trick is, to actually apply them to your life! If you really think you’re going to do something great in your time here, start now! Start this moment and make a difference to someone or something that will give you that feeling of self worth! Someone, somewhere wishes they had what you had. You just need to recognize it! Be grateful, thankful and kind. Go out and be the person you think you need to be to accomplish your worthiness to yourself. You know no one will make it happen if you don’t start the process, be #gritty and #getdirty!

In the words of a woman who lived in the grey until she took a stand, along side her husband; “Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Live like nothing can stop you and be strong in every step toward success you take. Make your grey area count! Do the work! It’s time; lets get gritty!

Peace out, friends!

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