When Praying & Thankful are Just Words; Not Feelings

When was the last time you actually prayed for someone or something besides yourself? Did you close your eyes, bow your head and talk to your God after you commented on pleading post asking for healing prayers? I’m not saying you didn’t, but I am saying most people do not.

We like to think that because we commented on that persons post that God will just take away the suffering because we took 5 seconds to read something. I’m not going to preach about praying and how you should do it, I promise. What I am going to verbalize is that our society has gotten to the point where there is no sincerity in the things we say. The only thing we worry about is ourselves and how we are going to get through to the next day.

Wake up folks, we aren’t on this earth to just make money and die! There’s a reason you are here and if you take the time to look around, you might see that talking about your true feelings with some sincerity will get you farther than running from them.

Since when did it become a necessity to teach your child to say thank you but not to understand why they should be thankful? Or better yet, what it is to feel true thankfulness and appreciation for something or someone in their life. When I say thank you, I will look you in the eye and sometimes even shake your hand or give you a hug because I want you to know that I mean it! Don’t look down and turn away. Embrace your feeling of gratefulness or don’t say it at all.

Some of you will remember a skunk named “Flower” in the movie Bambi and a powerful phrase some often forget; “If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all!”

While it maybe nice to thank someone, not meaning it or saying it sarcastically is more of an insult. We should use the words and apply them just as we would want them said to us. If you did a larger than life gesture of kindness for a friend and all they said is “thanks” and walked away, how would it make you feel? It’s the gratefulness in helping others that most people want from doing a good deed. When you don’t get the reciprocated feeling of joy or thankfulness, sometimes we feel defeated and give up on being nice. Why bother? No one cares anyway, right?

Wrong! Someone, somewhere will see the great things you’ve done. After all, champions don’t get recognition for the things they did behind closed doors. The only time praise is given is when it’s seen at large but they didn’t become champions over night with out the grey area of their lives building up to those moments.

So tomorrow, will you be thankful in your life process that is propelling you to your goal or will you just curse another crappy day of not gaining ground? It’s your choice. You choose to either feel the power of positivity and strength to keep your faith in yourself and your goal. Or you choose to lose sight of the goal and slum on the daily “little things” that you should be thankful for instead of denying them what they are; they the setbacks that feel like work. They are the sacrifices you make to climb the figurative ladder. They are the prayers that never get answered because it just wasn’t the right time.

When you want great things, feel great thankfulness and pray to your God to open your mind to see all the things you have to be grateful for. Teach yourself to stop in the moment of your anger and instead see what there is to be thankful for. Instead of seeing an emotion like a smile or tears, feel it. Feel what it means to you and enjoy the process of gaining ground in life while you spin your grey area web of success. Let’s get gritty in understanding our emotions again.

Someday, you’ll be thankful you did.

Peace out, friend.

One thought on “When Praying & Thankful are Just Words; Not Feelings

  1. I love you. Your Soul is deep and full of wisdom and disernment about the gifts which we ALL have been given and “choose” to use or lose. I am thankful for You in my life, Precious One 💜


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