Earn your Dream Through Discipline & Sacrifice

Anyone that has made it to the top of a ladder knows that the climb sometimes hurts you in ways you don’t even realize until hours, days, or maybe years later. Whether we are talking about a carpenter climbing ladders all day for his wage wearing his body down or the figurative ladder in corporate businesses while you step on co-workers, spend more time at your desk than at home and put on a smiling face to people who are deciding your careers future. Maybe it’s the ladder of becoming your own boss and making a living from your home. In whatever “terms” you want to apply it, there are disciplines you must apply to your everyday life in order to achieve it or you will be a dreamer until you blink your last blink.

Today, we see athletes with all the glory of win after win. There are corporate executives with million dollar homes and a perfect family. There are businesses that started in a rural community in BFE and are now global monsters pulling billions of dollars into their accounts. There are success stories you can read about for DAYS! How do you think all those things started? Yeah, you guessed it. In the words of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, someone said, “I have a dream.”

Dreams are beautiful, free and loyal to your mind. They are always there for you to think back on and bring a smile to your face. However, a dream will just be a dream until you take steps to bring them to your reality though. Sacrifice. When Dr. King said he had a dream, did he ever imagine his sacrifice for his dream would be death? Unlikely. If people would would take the time to read and understand the true sacrifice in our worldly successes, they would see that the life these “role models” of money are portraying are earned with the sacrifice of relationships, sleeplessness, and financial burdens.

When the meme you see says ‘it starts with a dream’, do you go home, close your eyes and start a dream? No, you rethink how you will take the dream in your mind and pull it to your reality. Reality that will kick, bite, scream in your face, pull at your heart, empty your bank account, delay your future and tell you NO in a thousand different ways. Will you listen? Will you hear “No” go home and give up? It’s up to you. How resistant to adversities are you? In all of that, the real question is, how disciplined are you?

Discipline is where you set the boundaries of your mind. Train your mind to think like successes are already your reality. See your success and live it. Talk to your managers like you already have the higher paying job. Play your sport like you already advanced to the finals. Run your business like you already made your millions. Think it, live it and breathe it.

Discipline your gestures. Did you smile at your last customer and tell them thank you…sincerely? Did you get up early enough to impress your boss and get your work finished ahead of schedule? Did you apply your every waking breathe to being the best parent to your child, friend to your colleague, or support to your dying parent? If not, did you fail? Yes, of course you did! You sacrificed a forward step. You will ALWAYS sacrifice something whether in your professional or personal life. You are going to fail at many things along the way! It is the discipline in your mind that will help propel you forward and overcome those failures.

If you have truly trained your brain with the repetitious movements of timeliness, creativity, organization, generosity and integrity of your trade; you have made a stride toward a dream. 1% of improvement is better than no improvement at all. Make yourself comfortable with being uncomfortable. In time, new experiences with sacrifices will be seen as just one more failure to achieving your dream.

There is no rule book. There is only your autobiography that is a work in progress. Make each day a new chapter worth reading. Discipline your minds actions, not your dreams. Write your chapters with passion and grit. See the sacrifices and opportunities to show how hard you can work to be successful in whatever dream you may have. You don’t need me to tell you to chase your dreams, you need a thought provoking mission to discipline yourself into realizing sacrifice is part of making your dreams come true.

Lets get gritty and take your next step today.

Peace out, friend.

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