The Approach of a New Decade

I know there are still a few weeks of 2019 left but with a new decade coming in play soon, the evaluation conversation is worth having with yourself.

We always start a new year full or hopes, dreams, admiration’s for our future selves, but where does it all take us? A few weeks of goals and then being ‘human’ enviably takes over and we go back to our same poor habits.
I know this from personal experience but I also have watched it happen to many people close to me. I wish I could say, next year will be better with more confidence, but honestly, it all depends on you. You’re the goal setter and you are accountable for your own destiny.

In this decade, I met my and married my husband, started my own business, purchased my family farm, lost 2 babies without getting to meet them, made mistakes and learned from them. Along the way, you have a choice on what and who you will let affect your journey and in the end, will it or they help to make your destination feel like a true success.

I am proud of where I’ve come in this decade and the past year, regardless of what I really was hoping to accomplish. I took chances, I made changes and accepted the challenge to be 1% better in my own life each day.

Reset your brain and start finding your 2020 goals! Its okay if plans change, its okay if you didn’t accomplish it all. The question to ask yourself is, did you live in the moment and learn from your mistakes? Each our roads are bumpy at times but its the people around you that make each day better than the last.

Thank you to my friends and family you’ve supported me in all my ups and downs, failures, challenges, hopelessness feelings, wins, accomplishments, moments of progress, and all the small blessings we don’t take the time to recognize.

Gandhi wrote: There are two days in the year that we can not do anything, yesterday and tomorrow.

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.

Peace & Love friends ❤️ Be gritty in all you do!

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