The Approach of a New Decade

I know there are still a few weeks of 2019 left but with a new decade coming in play soon, the evaluation conversation is worth having with yourself. We always start a new year full or hopes, dreams, admiration's for our future selves, but where does it all take us? A few weeks of goals … Continue reading The Approach of a New Decade

Earn your Dream Through Discipline & Sacrifice

Anyone that has made it to the top of a ladder knows that the climb sometimes hurts you in ways you don't even realize until hours, days, or maybe years later. Whether we are talking about a carpenter climbing ladders all day for his wage wearing his body down or the figurative ladder in corporate … Continue reading Earn your Dream Through Discipline & Sacrifice

What if I’m Already Living My Best Life?

Get up, get ready, get to work, get home, get to bed...and do it over again. I'm sorry, aren't you sick of it? I mean, I know I am! I literally talk myself into thinking that I have to live this boring life because I'm "meant" to be in this place right now and maybe … Continue reading What if I’m Already Living My Best Life?

New Year = New You! Right?

Learn more and follow the grey experiment on Instagram. It’s a New Year all! Welcome to 2019 and welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! Are you ready? Have you mentally prepared yourself to become the “new you” and put your all into becoming what you always dreamed of? I’m guessing … Continue reading New Year = New You! Right?