New Year = New You! Right?

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It’s a New Year all! Welcome to 2019 and welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! Are you ready? Have you mentally prepared yourself to become the “new you” and put your all into becoming what you always dreamed of? I’m guessing half of you have thought about it, maybe some have followed through enough to write it down and about 20% are actually starting the new year by doing what they said they’d do in their “2019 Goal List.” Others are too hungover, too tired, or it’s cold, or can’t focus on what they want because, lets face it, our society puts a lot of pressure on January 1st; the first day of a new year and the freshest start you can get! Well, I’m going tell you that’s a bunch of crap.

The month of December revolves around Christmas shopping, gatherings with friends and family, spending more money than you should and eating triple the calories. The last week of December is when the truth sneaks in for the kill. You hear ads on TV and the radio about how to “get fit” or “pay off your debt” or my favorite ad of all, use your tax return for a new car! Because you know I’m getting so much money back and that the first thing I’m going to do is go out and buy myself a new car. I just spent twice what I budget for a months spending and every yearly subscription seems to be due in January but yes, please, after over spending and eating like a bear preparing for hibernation, let me buy myself a new car.

All those ads are trying to encourage you to seek out of the evil we did to ourselves for the last year. Believe it or not, not everyone needs to lose weight, not everyone needs to become financially stable, not everyone needs to find a way to spend there un-filed tax return. Did it ever occur to these advertising companies that maybe you’re someone who is practically perfect in every way and should be deemed the modern day ‘Mary Poppins?’ Probably not, it’s just another sale, another gimic, another thing we mull over at 2:00am when you can’t sleep.

No one is going to make those ads go away but you can choose to let them have power over you or power to inspire you. No matter your type, personality, lifestyle, profession or “life season,” we have all used the phrase, I just to find the motivation to do IT, whatever that IT might be for you. Procrastination is the evil enemy of motivation and there will never be a human on the planet to find motivation without inspiration to due the work and a passion for the journey.

You can choose to BE the best you or you can choose to THINK about being the best you. This is that enemy of the modern world for many, procrastination, doing its finest work on society. Social media networks eat away at our being making us think we need this or that to be happy. Memes about being a better you and a dream chaser encourage us to be motivated for a bright new year in this life on earth. When the reality of actually applying those great quotes from a meme or a video of someone who tells you how easy it is to change your life today actually hits you; procrastination is the winner 9 times out of 10. Our resolutions, dreams, and aspirations fail. Just like that, boom! You bombed the first test. Your brain won and convinced you that change is bad, scary and you don’t want to feel that way and it is way easier to stay in your safe hole where change can’t get you.

How does anyone get past that first hurdle? Obviously it’s not as easy as the world makes it seem. If it was, there would be no need for all the pretty pictures with encouraging phrase like “Today is the first of page of 365, make it a good one” or “Here’s to new life, proceed without caution.” Motivation is crap without inspiration and passion and neither of those are found in meme, some promotional video or in the bottom of an empty glass like many find themselves at the end of another year that they didn’t accomplish a single fulfilling goal.

The answer isn’t within a long-winded motivational speaker, the answer isn’t within hours of reading a book about positivity, it’s won’t even be found in talking about your feelings to a friend, the family or your dog. It won’t work until you take ALL those things and recognize that they are just building blocks to your next step of implication in your life. No matter what it is you want, the “New You” can’t be created over night and it can’t be achieved by just thinking about all the things you want to do to be your best you. The “New You” is a hero in the making pieced together with creative and critical thinking, sweaty out the uncomfortable thought of change, and delivery on the promises you make to yourself.

Make a change today. Hold yourself every day to that change and remind yourself constantly. Every minute, every hour that you will be successful and creating a new you even if your are only successful at making yourself uncomfortable. Damn, you did something. And that my friend, is a step in the direction of gaining ground in your new life.

If you know someone who needs to hear some tough love today too, feel free to share these word with them as well.

Peace out, friends.

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